The Great Galactic War has ended. The evil Tatian Empire has been destroyed, and a new power, the Aurean-Ishga Republic, has risen from the ashes. However, there has been tremendous damage done to the galaxy by Tate and his evil regime:

  • Planet Lard, a world with extensive arms trading relations with the galaxy, has been completely destroyed. 450,000,000 Lardian refugees (compared to a native population of 625,000,000) are preparing to settle on Caput Tatiium.
  • All sentient life on the planet Eaglypt is now extinct (although one area of the planet is still technically habitable).
  • The planet Aztlan has seen a 98% drop in population after Tate nearly destroyed the planet. Unfortunately, drug lords are beginning to fill the power vacuum left by the total anarchy arising as a result.
  • The planet Vigam has seen a 35% decrease in population as the result of the planet being split between the Burrowers (who sided with the Aureans) and the Arachna (who sided with the Tatians). Extreme tension still exists between these two groups, mostly regarding territorial changes and atrocities committed (mostly by the Arachna) during the war.
  • The planet Caput Tatiium has seen a 30% decrease in population, and the Hawkaida Tribe (one of dozens of tribes on the planet) is still full of Tatian sympathizers.
  • Criminal activity on the planet Awal Kabab, left unchecked during Tatian control, has left the planet lawless and under the control of various crime syndicates and mafia-style crime families
  • The millennia-old imperial system of government on the planet of Olympia has suddenly ended after Emperor Julius Arius I was forced to abdicate suddenly during the war
  • The morally questionable Mongoose Empire now has complete control over the planet of Rahasy.
  • The galactic slave trade, left unchecked during Tatian rule, has deprived Planet Squid of 15% of its population (40% of the Gorilla tribe in particular), and has resulted in a diaspora of Squidian slaves throughout the galaxy
  • There is now a giant crater in the seabed of the Planet Sea World. Also, Sea World's Dolphinesian Tribe (one of dozens of civilizations on the planet) has lost 22% of its population as a result of the explosion that created said crater.

Other Big Changes Resulting From The War (That are not necessarily bad)

  • In the span of 19 years, the galaxy has advanced in technology from the medieval era to Star Wars-esque technology, as a result of it being imposed on various planets by the Tatians, Aureans, or Ishgas to further each side's war effort.

  • Ishgabangaloodoo (the Ishgas' home planet) was once an insular absolute monarchy whose inbred royal family greedily hoarded all of its technology to itself and used threat of annihilation to keep the rest of the galaxy nominally independent, but in line with its agenda. Now, the planet is under the control of a benevolent ruler, who has opened the planet's technology up to the rest of the galaxy, stopped the inbreeding that was ruining his family line, and agreed to share power with an Ishga Parliament.

  • Aurea (the Aureans' home planet) is now finally back in Aurean hands after a 19-year Tatian occupation. The planet threw off Tatian rule via an extremely bloody revolution that resulted in the deaths of dozens of billions (out of a total population numbering 356.85 billion) and the destruction of countless pieces of infrastructure. In addition to this, several billion Aureans (especially children) still remain under the sway of Tatian propaganda and will need to be deradicalized.

  • Out of the ashes of the Tatian Empire, the victors Weasel (King of Aurea), Michael (King of Ishgabangaloodoo), Arturius (King of Arturia), and Beth (new Governor of Caput Tatiium (now renamed Paxica)) plan on creating the Galactic Union (a republic with each of the aforementioned planets serving as 1 of 4 capitals. Each capital has sway over a specific region of the galaxy (Ishgabangaloodoo controls the north, Paxica controls the west, Aurea controls the south, and Arturia controls the east. Each of the aforementioned leaders serves as a constitutional monarch for each region, and each region is actually governed by a democratically-elected bureaucracy, each of which answers to the federal government on Aurea. Pre-existing local powers (i.e. the Crustacean Empire on Sea World) are allowed to keep existing as long as they follow the laws and foreign policy of the federal government). However, the Mongoose Empire, a powerful state controlling Rahasy and all of its moons has refused complete integration into the Galactic Union, instead insisting on being an "independent ally" of the new nation.

  • Nearly the entire galaxy (especially Aurea, Ishgabangaloodoo, and Paxica) is now in massive debt from financing the war effort. Billions of soldiers galaxy-wide are awaiting payment and are becoming impatient.

  • The northern third of the galaxy is still filled with slave traders, smugglers, and other criminals. Though UniSyn (a colossal crime syndicate that the Tatians allowed to operate unchecked and sometimes actually funded to screw with Aurean and Ishga supply lines) has been forcibly disbanded by the Ishgas, hundreds of splinter groups remain and are still causing problems.

Environmental Damage

  • The planet of Planet Lard no longer exists. There is just an asteroid field there now.

  • Due to extremely rapid industrialization, carbon emissions will soon become an issue on planets galaxy-wide.

  • Vigam has been subject to such intense deforestation to make room for the Tatians to mine blue steel (an extremely strong metal that most of the planet's forests grew on) that only one forest remains: the Vardanian Wood, an area approximately the size of New Jersey.

  • Due to Tatian bombardments, Aztlan is much drier than it once was. Lake Coxcote, the main source of water on the planet, has almost completely dried up.

  • Intense and rapid industrialization on Caput Tatiium/Paxica has caused deforestation (though not quite on Vigam's scale).

Now here is my question: If these were the consequences of this war, how long would it take for the galaxy to recover from the war (population-wise, economy-wise, stability-wise, and societally-wise), and what actions would the new government need to take to ensure recovery?

Map of the Galaxy (blue line is irrelevant to this question, black circles are inhabited star systems, and dotted lines are trade routes): enter image description here

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