I have an ambitious world that I'm building on my leisure time mainly for the purpose of game design, a pool of ideas that I might be able to use. Apologies if any of it sounds vague, I'm still working out a bunch of plot holes since I just recently started to note all the ideas down. If there's anything that needed more clarification, I wouldn't mind coming back to edit it in.

To give you an idea of why I came up with this, my ideas are highly influenced by anime, while some ideas are references to various movies. The main focus at this point is to make the world feel cool rather than full realism, although I would like proper justifications for the ideas that came out.

Now, onward to the main question.

Main idea

I'm attempting to combine the ancient warfare where two armies clashes in melee, supported by ballistic/energy ranged fighter equipped with futuristic rifles.


  • Spacefaring is available and common, so other species exist, mostly humanoid (not very creative with different species)
  • It's common for a nation to field an army consist of 1/3 melee combatants
  • Some living beings in the world have innate energy called "Blue Energy" (think of it as mana) that enhances their physical abilities or performs supernatural feat (supernatural in terms of the real world, like shoot fire out of our hand)
  • Most of the melee combatants have good affinity to "Blue Energy"
  • Other than small arms or heavy ordinances, weapons are forged by a type of metal with high affinity to "Blue Energy". Using the living being's "Blue Energy" as the source, the weapons become more durable than standard alloy found in the world
  • Melee combatants could sustain several small arms fire and come out with minor injuries unless vitals were hit
  • Cavalries are available (although the mounts vary, I don't think I will dwell too much into it here yet)


I will list out the issue I'm currently having and the current solution that I'm having which I'm not quite satisfied with.

Idea 1: Melee combat is the bread and butter for any battles.
Problem 1: Artillery, mortars, machine gun exist in the world, making melee charges risky/obsolete.
Solution 1: Although not invincible, most of the melee combatants are as tough as a tank. Sustaining direct hit from artillery likely wouldn't kill them.

Idea 2: Cavalry as the main shock force on the open battlefield.
Problem 2: Cavalry charges into machine gun doesn't sound too fun.
Solution 2: Sparsely utilized, only called in as tank replacement for quick encirclement.

Idea 3: Infantry uses energy musket rifle (like the one in Fallout), instead of fully automatic rifles. This is to bring line infantry to prominent in the world.
Problem 3: If there's a spaceship, why couldn't people invent fully automatic rifles.
Solution 3: None at the moment.

Hopefully, someone could give me insights for my ambitious ideas. Thanks in advance.


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    $\begingroup$ @Alexander I believe gel in this case is being used to describe wanting to make the combat feel like it all fits together seamlessly and without logical problems $\endgroup$ – BKlassen Jan 11 at 20:05
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    $\begingroup$ It's really just one question, but poorly formed. He wants to know how to gel melee combat with future tech (1 question). What he labeled as "questions" are actually better labeled as "scenarios" where he is showing his work like you would on other stack exchange platforms to prove he's actually already tried solutions that have not worked out for him. He could stand to form his post more as an actual question though. "Hopefully, someone could give me insights for my ambitious ideas" is not the same as "Is there a more plausible scenario where melee and future tech could co-exist?" $\endgroup$ – Nosajimiki Jan 11 at 21:06

I think the missing mechanic you are looking for are personal shields.

You see these often in sci-fi used by people like the Wakandans (Infinity War), Gungans (Star Wars: Episode 1), etc. The idea is that these shields are strong enough to deflect most ranged weapons, but Melee weapons have a way to trump them.

These shields are too complicated or dangerous to bend around your whole body so you are limited to a shield device that just protects your front arc. This will make shooting someone who is facing you very difficult, but for a weapon with a scythe-blade, you could stab someone around it giving you cause for a melee weapon.

Another model for melee weapons is if these shields can be disrupted by weapons that also generates a field. Bullets and missiles undergo too much stress when fired for the relatively delicate field generating mechanism to survive, but placed in the hilt of a lightsaber like weapon, you can cut shields much more easily than blasting through them with other weapons.

If this makes melee is the main killer, then closing distance fast is important, but charging head-long into someone's shield may is like running into a wall of star-hot plasma. This could make mounts that can quickly stop or zig-zag more desirable than say, a heavily armored ATV or even a tank. As for ranged weapons, their main roles would be flanking, ambushing, grenades that you can throw over shields, or perhaps small javelin like weapons that don't undergo the same stress as a bullet, so they can carry offensive field tech.

  • $\begingroup$ For more of a fantasy vibe, flavor it like mass combat in the Inheritance Cycle, where your "blue energy" can provide general immunity to oneself or others $\endgroup$ – Punintended Jan 11 at 21:16
  • $\begingroup$ Perhaps you should mention the shields in Dune, which stop anything moving too quickly (bullets) but let in things moving slowly (swords, provided you're not swinging too hard). $\endgroup$ – Spitemaster Jan 11 at 21:50
  • $\begingroup$ I considered that as an alternate answer, but that might invalidate a cavalry charge where, Opps! my lance exploded because my genetically modified cheetah horse was too fast. Also, making armor that can block a mundane sword is very easy with future-tech materials. $\endgroup$ – Nosajimiki Jan 11 at 22:37

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