In the story I am creating, I want to have the MC gain a shape-shifting scythe that can change sizes from a keychain to a massive 8-foot scythe. The scythe takes shape into a weapon most ideal for the current user so it also has other weapon forms that can be used for different combat scenarios but the main weapon will be his Scythe. Exactly how practical would a scythe be as the main weapon?


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    $\begingroup$ Well if your enemy is a field of wheat, it's amazing. $\endgroup$ – Trevor D Jan 3 at 21:57
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    $\begingroup$ I can think of two ways to improve the question, the first is probably the best. 1) Ask for examples in history of the scythe being used in combat. That is objective and you can base your work on the real world examples. The other option is to give us a scenario and we can see if a scythe is a reasonable weapon for the scenario...it could be on-topic but would be difficult to get there. Once you make an edit to the question your question will get reviewed and can be re-opened. $\endgroup$ – James Jan 3 at 22:03
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    $\begingroup$ That would depend on the enemy, and, to a lesser extent, the terrain. A scythe is a melee weapon, and in a world of ranged weapons (think guns, but also bow and arrows), it's of limited use. It's utterly useless against tanks and airplanes. Or titanium robots. And since scythes require swinging, it will not be useful in narrow caves, or the spiral staircases of castles. Who is your MC fighting, what weapons does it has, and where will your MC be fighting? $\endgroup$ – Abigail Jan 3 at 22:04

Main Weapon Aspect

The scythe is a relatively bad main weapon because its design is for a niche combat situation (you want to cut a large area in short time). And the thing most main weapons have that make them a main weapon are there ability to work in most combat scenarios. Which the scythe is not made for by a any means. A sword is often a "main weapon" because it is very versatile it works in most scenarios but never works as good as a dedicated weapon.


  • Thrusting a spear is way better than a sword for this but a sword works as well
  • Parrying a shield is obvious here but a sword still does its job
  • Farming a large area a scythe is great here but with a sword you can still do it

General Weapon Utility

A Scythe is only relay good for a slash attack not for thrusting and only in rare cases for top down or bottom up attacks. Also you cant really parry with a scythe which also degrades its main weapon utility. But when your main character doesn't experience dizziness after spinning and has a good turning speed he could be a formidable foe. Except maybe for a good archer or other range based fighter.


In most cases it is not a good main weapon so maybe focus on the transformation aspect on the weapon as you can see above a weapon which can turn into the best version for every type of hit can be way better than your common place sword. Or any other medieval weapon.


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