Warning: this question contains potential spoilers for Half-Life 3, but as the game will never come out, I just made a partially irrelevant warning.

Garry Man is an avogadrolionaire, so he has a credit for every atom in a mole. He spent most of his money on building a planet-sized Logistics center, called Desolation. Logistics centers are usually warehouses filled with all sorts of goods; killer robots, creepypastas, and guns Desolation's case. However, the multi-dimensional equivalent of the Habsburg Empire, the Columbine, has made several aggressive movements towards Garry's direction, namely, taking Earth over after the Seven-hour Slog.

Garry knows the bastards are now only one hyperjump away from his sorry behind. 90% of his recent Postman Pat robot shipment are functionally braindead, incapable of executing basic tasks, and have a penchant for T-posing in tight corridors. Leaving him with lots of weapons and nowhere near enough bots to defend Desolation against the Columbine...

Thankfully, with the invention of Video Game Armor (VGA), it became possible for theoretical physicists, youtube vloggers, janitors, and whatnot to singlehandedly decimate entire armies. There's one such suit in one such person, going by the name of Gorgeous Freeman. He put him, in the deep freezer, sorry, cryo chamber, so wakey-wakey, I guess.

Not all is jolly, however, as these armors run on batteries and armor shards (boron carbide tiles). Garry also has to supply his "champion" with rations of food and water, medkits, ammunition, and the occasional Murasama katana.

The problem is he somehow has to sneak in wherever Cordon Blyat is heading to, drop off the loot box, make sure it won't fall into the wrong hands /* cough*/ Columbine /* cough*/, and leave without getting violated by a gunship's front end.

He can't use teleportation and other time-space bending shenanigans (too hard to conceal), or at least he can't teleport the goodies directly to the desired location, only its 1km vicinity. Garry is good at robotics, when he's the one manufacturing them, and could make small gadgets to further his goal. He also has cheap invisibility cloaks, that makes things invisible to the enemy, AND Feeman.

Most of Columbine's forces stationed on Earth are former inhabitants, turned into lobotomized, organic robots. They aren't the best at prop hunt, nor the smartest tool in the shed, but will probably recognize shiny new crates with Gary's insignia on them, or realize Gordon is attracted to them like moths are to my floor lamp.

This garrison is ill-equipped by Columbine standards, the standard issue is a ballistic vest with ESAPI plate inserts, and a rifle using 7.62x51mm NATO (those guys still exist?!) ball M59, and in the case of elites, AP M61 rounds.

Priorities of the solution:

  1. The Columbine garrison won't take my supplies.
  2. The crates should be openable with a crowbar, so Gordon and his friends won't have to always borrow Dallas' power drill to get the good stuff inside.
  3. The Columbine garrison won't blow me to Kingdom Come at ANY part of the Delivery.
  4. The solution can be applied to any terrain.
  5. The solution's material costs are minimal.

So, How what should the solution be? Half-Life 2, or any run-of-the-mill FPS for that matter, would be impossible to beat without supply crates.

Not counting the wormholes, teleportation, and magical healing juice, all solutions have to be


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Where there are people and a civilization there will be trash

The first step should be for Garry to become the best waste remover and handler for the Combine. Simple contractor work so that the Combine can focus on what they do best (killing in uniforms.)

After Garry has firmly established himself as the most cost effective waste manager, start dropping the invisible supply crates inside garbage cans while doing the trash removal. The champion could then just check the trash for gear.

Perhaps a small piece of tech could be created to mark the specific garbage cans full of gear. Then the champion can use a visor or some sort of spectacles to verify the garbage can is a loot box.

To address your specific concerns:

  1. The Columbine garrison won't take my supplies. -> People don't often go through garbage and if they do, they probably won't see an INVISIBLE BOX. Garry's champion just has to feel around enough for the proper invisible trash.
  2. The crates should be openable with a crowbar, so Gordon and his friends won't have to always borrow Dallas' power drill to get the good stuff inside. -> I suppose if you painted a wooden crate with invisible paint it should be destructible.
  3. The Columbine garrison won't blow me to Kingdom Come at ANY part of the Delivery. -> NO one wants to attack the garbage man. They are providing a service!
  4. The solution can be applied to any terrain. -> Pretty certain that a combine army would make trash wherever they go.
  5. The solution's material costs are minimal. -> The only cost, is absorbed by the combine (for the garbage cans) and the other things such as invisible paint, should be affordable by your own question.

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