Recently, CDPR Projekt Red released a trailer featuring a dystopian cyberpunk world more or less run by corporations. To give an example, the most powerful (and expensive) medical services group will only save your life if you have their insurance, and will gun you down if you are in their way.

This got me thinking: what would the organizational structure of a corporatocracy look like?

Ideally, of course, there would be no government. But this creates a significant problem, as without a government, there can't be 1) regulations regarding the quality of goods, 2) a common currency, and 3) any guarantee that the guy you're dealing with won't shoot you in the head. This makes anything but the most basic bartering impossible, and would grind the fictional economy to a halt.

Then I was thinking that perhaps a massive "mercs-for-hire" business could exist that could be hired to kill, steal, and enforce contracts. However, I feel that this is inherently incompatible with any sort of private security that these large corporations will almost certainly want to hire... And if this massive business is incapable of preventing corporations from literally killing off all of their competition, what is the point in hiring them anyway?

Then the answer might be an "impure" corporatocracy, where the government is more or less controlled by corporations. I am wondering if this would make the massive "mercs-for-hire" business essentially incompatible with the government, as the government would no longer have a "Monopoly of violence", and thus could wastefully spend precious police and military resources on fighting... except they might not have a police at all.

Either way, top corporations would probably use the military to wage war on other governments for their own profit. In this case, they would simply change the laws to suit their needs. Perhaps it could be a "work for us and have your voice heard" kind of situation.

The question is, "What is the most viable (or most interesting) corporatocracy possible?", given that

1) There is as little government as possible while still maintaining a common currency

2) There are many mega-corporations, but none of them are in full control of the world

3) The city is basically a shoot-em-up gallery


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