So, one of my main characters, 'Underneath' serves the 'old king', who lays among cobwebs and old scriptures underneath the cathedral of silence, bitter and crippled.
She provides him with snips of information she hears, or... 'food'. She does it against her will, as the old king has her heart in a box (literally) so she is... forced, to do his biding, or risk her heart being destroyed.

How could this plot mechanic work? could it? i intend to use this to explore certain places in the world, sort of using this as the 'B' plot to my main story 'A' plot. So the reader can get a feel of the world.

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If you want a character who is bitter against established society, Then make it that her mother sold her daughters heart for a small boon. Or Daddy could have sold it if you want the character to have issues with men.

Perhaps she sold her heart when she was younger for something (or some one) she really wanted, and now she feels that she was a fool to sell her own heart so cheap.

Or perhaps she sold her heart to save her family from certain death, she knows it was the right choice, but she also feels guilty because she sometimes struggles with regret for making that choice, even if it was the right one.

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  • $\begingroup$ I like how that could be used for character development? $\endgroup$ Oct 17, 2018 at 19:59
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