It’s 2018 and a powerful magic is used to warp reality. Every living human suffering from any disease or sickness is suddenly cured as if it never existed (down to a genetic level). However, this is but a one time deal. Sickness and disease may still be found in and contracted through the world around humanity.

Having received this great boon, what happens next? How would humanity realistically go forward after this?

Edit - I suppose the potential answers are rather open ended (which I know is a no-no). For one particular aspect more than anything else, I would like to know how this effects the economy as a whole and health oriented organizations in particular as well as what changes that (the economic) would bring about in society. Answers that fit what I’m looking for should address the short term, long term, and why.


  • Anything perceived as being a disease or sickness qualifies.
  • The idea for the genetic fix is that the next generation isn’t suddenly going inherit what the previous generation simply stopped showing signs of. Things could still presumably happen down the road, but let’s just say that the genetic material is simply replaced with its closest non-sickness producing relative.

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Fact-based answer:

  1. thousands of man-hours are suddenly available for work .. but can the human race take advantage of the surplus?
  2. Pharmaceutical companies switch to producing health aids .. vitamin pills etc .. so their income does not drop off.
  3. medical research shifts to degenerative and mechanical problems so the labs keep their research grants. Prosthetics takes off. Cosmetic surgery advances.

Issues that I have with the Question

  1. does the Healing include mental disease?
  2. Do you distinguish between psychological problems and neurological problems? As in .. neurological disease is cured but schizophrenics are still crazy?
  3. does the world get warning of the Healing event in advance? If not the Healing Event is not noticed except as a drop in infectious diseases but as people reinfect and the occurrence of disease returns to normal.
  4. Is the agency of the Healing the immune system of each individual? if so is everyone now "inoculated" against all bacterial infections and virus caused diseases? If so there will be a long-term reduction in infectious disease .. Big Pharma takes a huge hit .. hundreds of thousands out of work.
  5. does the Healing remove bacteria from the world outside of human bodies? Your question seems to imply not as you allow for infections to reoccur after the Healing Event.
  6. ditto 5 for Viruses.

I have to say that upon reflection, your question is a waste of time as it is not well-bounded enough to allow for a discussion of possibilities to proceed.

  • $\begingroup$ 1 - Yes | 2 - No, but chemical/hormonal balances are restored | 3 - No | 4 - No, only the direct cause is fixed/removed | 5 - It removes anything that is part of the body (on or under skin) and nothing else. | Even after the edit? $\endgroup$ – JustSnilloc Jul 12 '18 at 15:52
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