I know that 'they' are theoretical and hypothetical, but please justify deep down to your understanding and I'll try to grab-up as much

Origin of Problem:

Thanks to the fantasy and fiction, there are different types and shapes of wormholes, that can (or may) exist. Shape of given wormhole as seen on either of its faces varies from being a circle to sphere, or some higher dynamic geometry.

Artist Concept of a Wormhole Travel

In some wormholes (in literature or cinema), transfer of "Living-Being or Material or Energy" takes place instantaneously; while for others that transfer takes considerable time. (i.e.: In some wormholes, things just appear on the other side as they go-through, while in other wormholes, they technically work like a super-slingshot, things are traveling at great velocities.)

Conflict: Circular vs Spherical wormholes

For Circular wormhole, assuming its existence. I can say that it will be a PLANE. Not the surface, but plane, from where the traveling and/or teleportation-things happen. Thus, in theory, it acts like a HOLE to a different space-time and there is nothing physical in that region- no physical matter from the wormhole to be felt, that's why its called as worm-hole. But for spherical wormhole to exist, matter can't be there inside, otherwise it will be a physical thing (like a black-hole or star, say) that lies there in space. And it can't be a whole sphere because that'll add-up to DIMENSION being different on the other side.

It just doesn't seem possible to me, because assuming that a spherical wormhole does exists, and something enters it (interacts with it, to be more accurate), to go on the other space-time. When and where is it going to interact with the wormhole? Is it some spherical plane or some imaginary volume? The working of spherical wormhole confuses me or is not clear to me. Help!

So the conflict boils down to these questions:

(Please try to consider spherical wormhole different from any black hole; if possible)

1. Is it really possible for a wormhole to be Spherical? If possible then, justification of spherical wormhole's existence?

2. What exists in spherical wormhole, under the spherical plane? (I've only encountered resources describing- tunnels through space-time, none with the concept of sphere though.)

If I've missed or deviated from some relevant points please feel free to correct me, as this is my first question here. In advance, Thanking you! :)


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Wormholes are purely theoretical.

But the common understanding is the curving and shortcut of spacetine approach.

Spacetime is folded and a much shorter way is made.

This means wormholes are not teleportation but instead a quicker way to get where you are going. THEY ARE NOT FTL you travel at the same velocity in a wormhole as outside you just travel a shorter distance.

They are spherical, just like black holes.

Think of spacetime as a cloth and punch a hole through the cloth. Then make it 3D. The 3D form of a hole is a spherical hole.

Also entanglement and wormholes are different so pick one.

  • $\begingroup$ @P. Lord Appreciate your response. But it is still lacking the details I'm looking for. I know my question(s) are a bit long here, but please try to have my point of conflict. I agree that wormholes are both theoretical and hypothetical, but still I've got some blurry points. $\endgroup$ – Jit.S Jul 5 '18 at 19:07
  • $\begingroup$ PS: They might be somewhat different. But, entanglement(in quantum cosmology) and wormholes are analogous and indeed two sided of the same coin. You can find some ongoing research on that part also. $\endgroup$ – Jit.S Jul 5 '18 at 19:46
  • $\begingroup$ I see no way how entanglement (two particles having the same state when measured) and wormholes (a shortcut through spacetime) are connected. But anyway it is not teleportation but it can be very quick. $\endgroup$ – P.Lord Jul 5 '18 at 22:00
  • $\begingroup$ You can get a clue from (arxiv.org/pdf/1707.04354.pdf) P34 | Large System Teleportation. Skip to this section for a brief. And this is one of those materials I studied while searching, but not the only one. $\endgroup$ – Jit.S Jul 5 '18 at 22:11
  • $\begingroup$ After reading 3-4 articles on that paper A) It is so theoretical that is a theory about a theory about a theory which are all unproven B) The wormholes that they suggest are completely different to your typical wormhole in SciFi, these are minute wormholes linking individual particles that are entangled. $\endgroup$ – P.Lord Jul 5 '18 at 22:31

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