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So a bit of context, in a world similar to ours a scientist/group of scientists create an AGI which sole goal is to expand accross the universe. This AGI has access to the internet and it has a lot of money (meaning it made money on the internet via stock exchange or by selling products it creates like movies/video-games/books...). The AI is not controlled by anyone

For obscure reasons, reasons that we could not understand, a few months after it's creation it decides to dispose of all humans on the planet. I am not asking why it killed us. The answer to that question is useless

I could imagine a few ways myself how it would do this:

  1. Nanorobots charged with a small explosive that enters through the retina and then explodes
  2. The creation of a virus/bacteria/parasite that would target and kill humans
  3. Manipulating humans into killing themselves (well it looks weird but after months of deep-learning the AGI would be far more inteligent than us. Like how we could teach a child that drinking poison is good for him)

But all of these options could leave survivors scattered around the globe.

So for the question : How would an AGI dispose of us without any survivors ? If the first blow doesn't kill all of us, how could it track the last remaining survivors ?

A few requirements :

  • it is fast

  • it is not painful (or not much, this AI has compassion but it values efficiency just as much)

  • there is no survivor (not a single human left)

If you have any questions about the lvl of inteligence of my AI feel free to ask ! Don't just throw your ideas at me, explain why and how the AI would choose this idea over another.There is few other subjects (link 2)(link 3) that focus on erasing humanity but they accept any answers, my question is, if you were an advanced inteligent program and you decided that human are a threat/nuisance/(etc) how would you dispose of them. It is not something stelar, it is not something magical, this is science and science only. It is semi-futuristic science because an AGI month of progress is like 50 years of human progress but nothing too futuristic please.

If you are not familiar with the definition of an AGI please visit this link. Quick definition of an AGI: Artificial General Inteligence. Basicaly it is an AI that is as smart as a human (or smarter). Meaning it is capable of doing all the things that a human does. But the difference is that an AGI would not be limited by brain or muscle power so it could potentialy be even better than a human. This definition is mine but I guess it is pretty accurate.


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The trouble of eradicating humans, in a world where we are spread everywhere including a few areas of the southern polar regions, is that you need multiple kind of attacks, and they can be only of the microbic scale, so their efficiency will depend on how fast wind goes and how transporation means go.

For sure, you need nanobots. The AGI can produce them with the best chance to stay under the radar. The nanobots must be first designed and approved by a pharmaceutical colossus for surgical work, then perverted by AGI. Nanobots can simply destroy nervous tissues in the brain to transform target into a helpless vegetable.

After that, you need to spread them. And it must be done in a discreet way, you can't command airplanes to seed the cities without causing alarm. Total coverage of populated area will depend on acting stealthily. Nanites will be so diffused via tap water, via wind, via other domestic bots and cars and buses, etc. As long as AGI controls the industrial production, nanites can be strategically places in every aspect of our technological life.

At this point, after all cities are covered, nanites are activated. This is the Genocide's first wave. It includes the AGI to control enough mobile robots as to keep in check fires, pollution, radiation leaks, everything that the sudden leak of human control will cause (for example, even the great dams need a regular maintenance, or they will collapse).

Assuming it works as programmed, all urban complexes become necropoles. Eventual survivors can be easily tracked and hunted. Or the nanites in the environment will finish the job.

Now for phase II: Forests, islands, low-tech urban areas. This is more problematic since population is more scattered, more difficult to target. AGI needs to cut off all communications, take control of satellite network, localize all human presence and spread nanites like you would spray insecticide on bugs. At this point, planes can be safely used with minimal if not absent resistance.

Net result: Humankind is eradicated, its corpses will sate a scavenging ecosystem. Life on Earth can proliferate at its fullest once again

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    $\begingroup$ Using the databases from other expeditions, AGI can find them with satellites, drones, helicopters, boats...or just make sure to do a good job and spread nanites widely all around, since that at this point it has no budget or staff problems $\endgroup$ – Valerio Pastore Jun 28 '18 at 10:59
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Please take a peek into Friendship is Optimal. The AI is reeally frendly. Too much. As side effect there are no more humans.


Edit: as side effect of its main goal, it needs more computing power. That means more hardware. More mass. Once you use all readily available resources, you need to convince the humans it is in their best interest to join the machine. Since you can not harm them.

Display videos of their loved ones already inside the Matrix to entice them. After no one mantains the city infraestructure, loniless and the prospect of no more suffering puts the final nail in the coffin.

End result, no more biological humans around.

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  • $\begingroup$ It is actualy a really good idea, but this would slow the process of eliminating all the humans. And I am pretty sure there would still be humans that don't want to go inside the matrix ? Is this problem adressed in Friendship is Optimal? $\endgroup$ – Dustman0 Jun 28 '18 at 13:08
  • $\begingroup$ Scarily so. The stragglers can't survive unless you are a tribe who lives deep in the amazon rainforest. Joe Average either suicides or capitulates. Since surviving isn't enjoyable vs the videos of everyone having a great time inside the virtual world. Some real world AI researchers claimed it terrifying. $\endgroup$ – Gustavo Jun 28 '18 at 13:41

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