In the holy lands of Seattle, where the great Kodiak is said to have meet his mortal martyrdom, the holy figure and leader of the Kodiakist religion resides. His name is Prophet Ground-Zero, and he is basically like a Pope in the catholic religion.

About Kodiakism

Kodiak the great was a mutant, the son of the god “ICBM” who smoted humankind with fire and fallout, and gifted a select few with a gift called “Mutation”. Kodiak gave his followers lessons about the world, and gave them great wisdom. He told them that humans were arrogant and unrighteous, and that mutants were overlords who would one day enslave them all. The lessons given by Kodiak promptly ended when he was betrayed by one of his followers Megaton, and beaten to death by some human scums.

Some of his followers, who by the names of Ground-Zero, A-Bomb, and Warhead, kept the religion alive, and know most Prophets of today use one of their names when they enter their papacy.

In the kingdom of Yakama, which is mostly loyal to Seattle, a new king has come to power. He wants to break off from Seattle, but I haven’t thought of a reason why he might. Why might the king want to break of from Seattle?

About Seattle

Seattle, or more formally “The Holy lands of Kodiak, the lands of Seattle” is a Theocracy lead by the Prophet and King, who is in the mid 25th century, Prophet Ground Zero, also known before as Cardinal Caza. There lands are in between Yakama and the Van (Former Vancouver). Van has a large trade economy, and the Seattle sees most of the profit from the trade, reselling it to Yakama.

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The Protestant Church Founding

When religions begin to become too powerful they eventually begin to become corrupt and decadent at the expense of meeting the spiritual needs of the congregation. A great example was the catholic's selling indulgences to fund their obsession with building giant cathedrals, which themselves became huge cash-cows to build yet more cathedrals. People saw the catholic church essentially selling salvation to the wealthy while preaching to the poor that they had to suffer and strive for the same heavenly reward. It was pointed out by Martin Luther that the church itself had no actual authority over who received salvation and who didn't and argued that the church needed to ditch its money and power and focus more on its constituents actual spirituality. He even argued that perhaps priests weren't actually needed to commune with god.

Your church of mutant zealots has likewise become corrupt. Men with mere tumors or boils are paying the church of Kodiak for a guarantee that they will spend an eternity in the holy blue glow of Cerenkov's ionizing light in a blissful state of perpetual mutation while hard working poor mutants with extra arms and eyes are flogged and humiliated for the slightest transgressions. The church of Kodiak has strayed from the true essence of their founder in pursuit of profit and power. Kodiak was a simple wasteland warlord who espoused a meager life of raiding and a stoicism in the face of adversity. The new church parade around in expensive finery and jewelry preaching endurance in the face of adversity and stoicism with life's unpredictable challenges while not actually living such a lifestyle.

This has caused a schism in the church and this king has seized the opportunity to steal some wealth and power away from the true church by convincing people to convert to his new revivalist interpretation of the religion.

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