A technologically advanced non-humanoid species discovers trans-universal travel and use their (relatively new at the time) universe-hopping tech to escape a world-killer asteroid, taking with them an ark of familiar plants and beasts.

They discover that they didn't so much as find a universe as inadvertently make one for themselves, so they get on a trip where they custom design their own universes. Some are for industrial purposes, some are for recreational or simply lifestyle purposes, while, of course, some are experimental.

My story is about one of those experimental universes.

The inhabitants have a fairly high technology, about where we are now (with some differences, and maybe more advanced in some respects); it's more fantasy, though, than strictly sci-fi sort of tech. They were given, or stumbled onto early, the digital helper the "gods" left to monitor the universe, and their technology revolves around developing devices and skills that can make use of this AI (in the same way users can write skills for Alexa, or maybe even build something practical that it can use, ie, a sort of distributed AI.)

The question then is what would such a technology - one that relies upon accessing the Help Desk AI, and whatever limited scripting the test subjects somehow have permission to use - look like physically?


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