What I need the microorganisms for

They collect and store chemicals, can be manipulated to do what a bigger life form wants. With enough of these microorgansisms and some knowledge of chemistry one could make these reactions work like a bad form "magic" that sucks in comparison to every other "magic system".

The microorganisms are floating and laying around everywhere in huge masses, looking pretty much like snow. They don't appear like an ominous wind that helps certain people. Everybody uses them in everyday life. They get bred, charged up and used pretty much all the time. To some point they are even part of most bigger lifeforms, helping out just like bacteria. That could explain, how the "controller species" spoken of could communicate to its small helpers.

The most key purpose of these small organisms is to explain my magic system with few words. "One can control them to trigger any kind of reaction possible with the material they have in store." Used in the right way and (of course) in the right amount (most of the time you need huge amounts), you can make them fly in swarms, lift objects, shoot fire, mix poison and even regenerate bodies. This way there are billions of "magic spells" predefined by science.

How the microorganisms anatomy works

Well... Here's the problem. There isn't anything comparable on earth and I don't know much about biology or chemistry. There are many things to explain. A major problem is that many and even very reactive chemicals have to get stored in big amounts, both carefully and efficient at the same time. Also there must be a way to synthesise complex molecules.

In my research I found a molecule called "fullerene". Being thin and very stable, I thought that they might be a good material to separate stored molecules. This material could even serve as catalyst for (and as a protection against ) exotherme reactions. - these are my assumptions after some research. I also don't know if small life forms could build and destroy this material easily enough.

With all the probability, all the resources and some luck given...

Can you tell if fullerenes are a capable/reliable way to store and provide chemical elements for my microorganisms to work?

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