Utopia within a Dystopian world?

Or would this be a Utopia slowly diminishing into the state of being a Dystopia?......Hmmm


Within a futuristic world overrun by another "intelligent" species...

  • Is it possible to turn the world from a Utopia to a Dystopia while still keeping a "Headquarters" that is utopian?

I want my world to have a center where the "wealthy" are in a utopian environment while the rest are in a distopian environment.


Maybe it would be more logical/pleasing to have an Oasis within a Dystopian world rather than trying to create a utopian place within a dystopian world?

What I am asking for are opinions/logic. Does this idea seem feasible or just complete non-sense.

If this is too vague, I apologize in advance. I haven't created my world, only the species and creatures that would inhabit it.

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    $\begingroup$ The answer would be: Yes because what is Utopia is defined from within and not from outside standards. What is dystopia to one can be utopia for others. Example: people living in USA are feeling they live in dystopia while other come to the same country to live in utopia. $\endgroup$ – SZCZERZO KŁY Jan 11 '18 at 9:01

A utopia relies on sufficient resources for all. A dystopia happens when there is a shortage of resources

You can have a utopia inside a dystopia where there isn't enough resources for all but what resources there is is channeled to a group leaving the rest with less.

If you look at The Hunger Games, the Capital is a utopia with advanced technology, medicine, entertainment, fashion and the citizens live a life of luxury but the Districts are kept poor and repressed because the resources they produce are channeled to the Capital.

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    $\begingroup$ This is golden. Great example and the explanations helped me gain a clearer perspective on the differences between the two and how they would work in unison. Thank you! :) $\endgroup$ – K.Smith Jan 11 '18 at 4:57

Is it possible to turn the world from a Utopia to a Dystopia while still keeping a "Headquarters" that is utopian?

Absolutely. There's countless ways to make this work. One extreme example is with neural interconnects or drugs which let someone live in a Utopian world while the actual world crumbles beneath them. This is actually quite a common trope with VR

Would the Utopian world slowly diminish and eventually become fully Dystopian or do you think the life could keep up the small Utopia within?

This answer is dependent on countless details, so the answer would have to be "maybe." It's trivial to show an apparent utopia that crashes into a dystopia. On the other hand, it's also possible to make utopias that can exist forever, depending on your own individual definition of a utopia. For example, if your definition of utopia only includes the relative power of things, your utopia can shed energy and other resources into the outer dystopia while remaining utopian, so long as it sheds those things in a way which retains the balances your utopian definition calls for.

One particularly tenuous Utopia is one which is dependent on the possibility that something in the dystopia will eventually cure the demise of the utopia. As long as the utopia retains enough capabilities to reach out into the dystopia to find that cure when it appears, your utopia retains its status. Of course, whether this qualifies as a utopia depends entirely on you, as there is no defined "best world" that everyone agrees upon.

If the intelligent life overrun the current government etc, would it have enough technology to keep the world from becoming a dystopia?

Unknown. One of the great things about our world is we don't know whether what we create will be a dystopia or a utopia. We have to try it and see. Also, you get to define what a dystopia is, so you can make it as easy or as hard to become a dystopia as you please.

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An Utopia that "lost its way" and turning into a Dystopia? Absolutely. There are already enough real-world examples of that happening. And more often than not the "failure" of the Utopia was because of human errors/shortcomings.

An Utopia which exists side-along a Dystopia? Equally possible. While "Utopia" is (roughly) defined as the "best possible place to live in for the people of a whole society" it omits the definition of "society" and doesn't cover those who don't live in said society.

For the latter version, consider the dichotomy between the Eloi and Morloks in H.G. Well's "Time Machine", picked up in Stephen Baxter's "The Time Ships" where the narrator elaborated a bit on how these two human subspecies began to drift away from their common ancestors.

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