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Aug 27 '15 at 19:07 comment added HDE 226868 Sure, you can use that. But at some point in time, people will have to go from planet A to planet B.
Aug 27 '15 at 19:06 comment added rumguff I presumed you meant c-like speeds because you mentioned sending diplomats across the empire. If they are travelling << c then why not use electronic communications via intermediate relays?
Aug 27 '15 at 18:51 comment added HDE 226868 Why not? Besides, there's no requirement that a ship travel at speeds near $c$.
Aug 27 '15 at 18:49 comment added rumguff Its a fair point HDE but I claim that is is admissible if only because an energy source capable of powering any significant mass anywhere near C requires a similar level of hand-waving. There is certainly no 'accepted' way that near-C propulsion of a ship capable of carrying many human is possible.
Aug 27 '15 at 17:30 comment added HDE 226868 Invoking the CPC is a bit much. It's not too well established or accepted, and it could be falsified.
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Aug 27 '15 at 16:31 comment added rumguff The book I am thinking of is 'House Of Suns' by Al Reynolds.
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