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Top new questions this week:

How can a person Insulate copper wire in a medieval world?

Time traveler here, stranded in the year of 1019 AD, medieval ages. Location: europe. While I can still access and post on web forums because my temporal transmitter has a 1Ky range, I have a broken ...

technology hard-science medieval  
asked by Mindwin 48 votes
answered by nzaman 52 votes

Is there any math conjecture that would cause a lot of damage if disproven?

As a plot device I need some kind of conjecture that is used in lot proofs and widely assumed true. Something like many papers in computer science start with "Assuming P != NP ...". In my story for ...

reality-check mathematics  
asked by mc_cubed 33 votes
answered by Priska 69 votes

Why would prey creatures not hate predator creatures?

In this world, a number of intelligent, sapient creatures exist. They do not have especially complex societies or technology; they live as hunter-gatherers and nomads. The predator species isn't ...

culture interspecies-relations  
asked by byusingoursite 22 votes
answered by Matthew 35 votes

A feasible and efficient method of fast global travel?

What would be an efficient method of global travel that can take you from, let's say, London to Hong Kong in about an hour? It would preferably be made quickly, but money is no object. I don't want ...

science-based physics travel  
asked by Greenie E. - Reinstate Monica 21 votes
answered by abestrange 48 votes

Would a warhorse allow its rider to approach a Dragon at all?

Would a horse (trained or otherwise) not be wholly spooked by a Dragon merely flying overhead, even more so trying to enter combat with it or just trying to approach it under any circumstances? What ...

science-based reality-check dragons behaviour horses  
asked by SupernalPhantasia 17 votes
answered by Snapdragon 50 votes

How would a medieval village protect themselves against dinosaurs?

In this world, dinosaurs are wildlife that usually don't bother people, but people still want to make sure they're safe from the occasional man-eaters or gigantic herbivores that want to eat their ...

medieval civilization dinosaurs  
asked by M Arif Rahman Winandar 15 votes
answered by Priska 18 votes

How can a bigfoot hide from satellites?

A bigfoot is hiding in the Canadian Pine forests. Why haven't the thermal imaging satellites picked up the huge animal all this time? Is there some way an animal can hide from thermal imaging ...

biology zoology  
asked by zooby 14 votes
answered by Tim B II 33 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How would an AI self awareness kill switch work?

Researchers are developing increasingly powerful Artificial Intelligence machines capable of taking over the world. As a precautionary measure, scientists install a self awareness kill switch. In the ...

reality-check artificial-intelligence  
asked by Reactgular 59 votes
answered by Giter 112 votes

How would the human body develop under a different gravity?

What would be the effects of high or low gravity on human body development? How would the human body develop under a different gravity? Many science fiction stories explore the idea that people from ...

science-based biology physics humans gravity  
asked by Mike Nichols 24 votes
answered by Cort Ammon 15 votes

Can a substance be more lethal in smaller doses?

Yes, I realize this question is a bit ridiculous, and there are no cases of it in reality (that I can find), but with a bit of truth twisting, could it theoretically be possible? In my fantasy world ...

biology medieval poisons  
asked by NathanSullivan 154 votes
answered by Loren Pechtel 90 votes

Why Would Aliens Enslave Humans?

Often in science fiction, we see aliens enslaving humans for one reason or another. This is a trope I'm attempting to repurpose, but before I go any farther, I'd like to ask: what possible motive or ...

reality-check humans aliens slavery  
asked by C. S. Wright 66 votes
answered by BradC 139 votes

You can control a Demon by knowing its True Name, but why?

The power of True Names over demons is unbelievable: A Lamashtu demon can drain you of your blood in under 5 seconds, blend into shadows, and travel at the speed of darkness. Yet it will crumple ...

reality-check language demons  
asked by Serban Tanasa 142 votes
answered by Cort Ammon 209 votes

How fast can I flood the Netherlands entirely and permanently?

I want the Netherlands to be flooded entirely, and I want the event to be of such a scale that it goes faster than hydroengineering can keep up with. This will mean that I need a sea level rise of ...

science-based environment modern-age  
asked by Tinkeringbell 102 votes
answered by LSerni 65 votes

Can plants survive without animals?

Could a world with no animals whatsoever (not even insects, no humans, etc) still have plant life? These plants do not have to include all the plants in our world, or even any of the same plants. I ...

reality-check biology environment flora  
asked by Devsman 42 votes
answered by Syndic 61 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Is the Hammer Slammer’s Powergun feasible?

I have seen many people discuss in this community on how a plasma gun ought to be made. But only a few mention the Powergun from the Hammerverse. I ask if this design will work. Can the bullets be ...

science-based weapons hard-science  
asked by CYCLOPSCORE 2 votes

Adverse effects of reduced food variety on microbiome

We often see, in Sci-fi, food being produced from, say, algae or yeast. What could be the effect of such a limited diet on the gut microbiome? Would there be any believable side-effect that would have ...

space-colonization food brain  
asked by Marc 2 votes
answered by Hunt Castle 0 votes

Could a carbon based lifeform use the mineral olivine in its structure? Why would it?

Have a creature from a dream. It's a carbon based humanoid creature partly made of the mineral olivine. Could there be any reason it might contain this mineral? Perhaps a show of health - the more ...

science-based creature-design geology biochemistry  
asked by Chickenpeep Chickenpeep 2 votes
answered by BIOStheZerg 0 votes
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