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Top new questions this week:

Could a pine forest with year-round snowfall survive?

I am trying to design an alien forest ecosystem. The forest looks like this (from The relevant difference between the real-life Swedish forest pictured and mine is that my world ...

flora ecology  
user avatar asked by Mark Price Score of 18
user avatar answered by Amadeus Score of 49

Why does space warfare not lead to total anhiliation of both sides?

The title is intentionally provocative, but let me try to justify it. Let's take a common science fiction setup of two interplanetary civilizations with a hand-waved FTL technology that are at war (...

science-fiction warfare space-warfare  
user avatar asked by Zags Score of 16
user avatar answered by Ben Score of 25

Addressing paradoxes with Weapons designed to hit a target in the past

In space, normal weapons are so easy to dodge because by the time you see an enemy ship and fire at it, it's already moved out of the way. Now imagine a weapon that travels backwards in time as it ...

weapons time-manipulation paradox  
user avatar asked by Nosajimiki Score of 11
user avatar answered by Tom Score of 26

Is this a breathable atmosphere for human-like aliens that have more efficient oxygen-carrying blood? Normal humans would require a gas mask (oxygen)

I am creating an atmosphere for a planet in a science fiction book I am writing and want to make sure that this atmosphere is not too outlandish in regards to sustaining life. I know the oxygen ...

science-fiction atmosphere  
user avatar asked by Fogelicious Score of 9
user avatar answered by BillOnne Score of 18

How to get the Lilim to breed true?

On my worlds of Earth, Ruquelis and Ersutiabu, there are three sexes relevant to this question, Men (XY male), Women (XX female) and Lilim (LX female), where X, Y and L are sex chromosomes. Lilim ...

science-based humans genetics genetic-engineering  
user avatar asked by Monty Wild Score of 8
user avatar answered by Ottie Score of 8

What would be observable about a hypervelocity killer asteroid?

An early warning scout ship sits in deep space, making various kinds of observations and doing deep space science experiments, when suddenly a 2-kilometre-wide asteroid zooms past at about 0.9c on its ...

space space-warfare  
user avatar asked by Pingcode Score of 8
user avatar answered by causative Score of 3

Hiding a Continent

I've been doing quite a bit of research on how to hide an entire continent (that's located on Earth, mind you) and I've only found one even slightly possible solution which is the following: prior to ...

science-based space earth satellites united-nations  
user avatar asked by Duke Score of 8
user avatar answered by John Dallman Score of 22

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Alternate alloys for weapons and armor?

What other hypothetical alloys could be used for ancient/medieval era weapons/armor? Don't use made up elements (or alloys, if you can help it). Assume metallurgical technology up to the medieval ...

science-based weapons medieval metals armors  
user avatar asked by Dider Score of 10
user avatar answered by Maximilian Conroe Score of 10

What would happen if electricity stopped working?

Blackouts happen all the time locally, but what would the implications of a world-wide, indefinite blackout be? Here is a spark from the fire of what could happen: (obviously) lights go out no air ...

survival electricity  
user avatar asked by AMACB Score of 19
user avatar answered by Cort Ammon Score of 17

Can Communism become a stable economic strategy? How?

In a capitalist Society, you work, you earn money and you buy a shovel to dig a hole In a communist Society, you are given a shovel and told to work Alt History Hub Communism was a major rival ...

internal-consistency economy politics  
user avatar asked by TrEs-2b Score of 76
user avatar answered by Davislor Score of 40

Can plants survive without animals?

Could a world with no animals whatsoever (not even insects, no humans, etc) still have plant life? These plants do not have to include all the plants in our world, or even any of the same plants. I ...

internal-consistency biology environment flora  
user avatar asked by Devsman Score of 46
user avatar answered by Syndic Score of 64

If we put humans on planets with atmospheres different from Earth's atmosphere, but still containing oxygen, would humans be able to breathe?

From Wikipedia: By volume, dry air contains 78.09% nitrogen, 20.95% oxygen, 0.93% argon, 0.039% carbon dioxide, and small amounts of other gases. For example, would humans be able to survive in ...

planets humans atmosphere oxygen  
user avatar asked by BuildingBetterWorlds Score of 58
user avatar answered by celtschk Score of 62

If everyone in the world disappeared except 35 random people, how long would it take for one of them to realize they're not alone?

Everyone suddenly disappears from earth except 35 people randomly scattered wherever they were before everyone disappeared. How long would it take on average for 2 or more people to meet? What other ...

post-apocalypse geography earth communication population  
user avatar asked by LDR Score of 187
user avatar answered by Drazex Score of 214

Best places to be on Earth when an all out nuclear World War III breaks out?

This is a world building question in a preventative context because those people or countries would be left fully functional while others are gone and the safe areas are where the world building would ...

science-based internal-consistency survival map-making nuclear  
user avatar asked by Muze Score of 33
user avatar answered by Harthag Score of 8

Can you answer these questions?

How to accelerate time?

Something in a spaceship, a box, an area in the space, whatever, that experiences a faster time than the rest of the universe. The opposite of the well known twins paradox. How could be that the twin ...

science-fiction physics time-travel  
user avatar asked by Miguel NoTeimporta Score of 1

Tides on a tidally locked planet

Picture the classic Earth-like tidally locked planet, with a frozen dark side, a boiling stormy light side, and a thin strip of habitable land along the terminator. The planet is similar in size and ...

planets astrophysics tides tidally-locked  
user avatar asked by MoholyNagy Score of 2
user avatar answered by Willk Score of 0

What mechanism for the transmission of signals between neurons can be faster than our sodium-potassium?

I decided to describe the evolution of scientifically plausible alien creatures and thought about how alien neurons can transmit signals to each other and is it possible in theory some mechanism that ...

science-based creature-design xenobiology brain  
user avatar asked by Frank Thompson 4 Score of 5
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