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Top new questions this week:

Exactly how far apart are nearby stars from one another?

I am working on a hard(ish) science fiction space opera story, and I would like to get a good handle on distances between stars so that I can calculate appropriate travel times. There are a lot of ...

space-travel astronomy stars distance  
asked by Smoggie Tom 24 votes
answered by HDE 226868 45 votes

Could tree-sized mushrooms grow on an Earth-like world?

OK so this world I'm building has Earth-like flora and fauna, along with being around the size of Earth and being around the same distance as Earth from a star the size of the sun. The atmosphere is ...

reality-check earth-like flora plant-design fungi  
asked by The Weasel Sagas 19 votes
answered by Logan R. Kearsley 38 votes

A world of unrequited love

In an isolated colony of a few hundred people, a curse has ensured that no-one is attracted to anyone who likes them. Additionally everyone does like somebody else - a different person in every case. ...

society magic  
asked by chasly - reinstate Monica 18 votes
answered by DWKraus 54 votes

How would snake creatures which use uroboros to roll to safety avoid brain damage?

Imagine a particular species of snake living in a mountainous region that when provoked or threatened will curve itself into a loop and every muscle in its body will tighten as it rolls down the slope ...

creature-design evolution survival snake  
asked by user6760 17 votes
answered by L.Dutch - Reinstate Monica 55 votes

Suitable alloys of platinum or gold for weaponry

In the magic system I'm developing, denser metals (like platinum or gold) can store up energy in order to fuel spells at the user's need. A weapon made of said metals would be very useful, since the ...

science-based metals  
asked by Nightingale 16 votes
answered by Peter Wone 30 votes

Humans at near 0% of humidity

There is this forest in my world with the vegetation feeding off the humidity of the air. Because the plants keep draining humidity, the air becomes dry -- near 0% of humidity. Precipitation happens, ...

biology science-fiction humans climate  
asked by Sasugasm 14 votes

How to prevent powered armor from letting people carry bigger guns?

Oh yes, personal powered armors, such as MJOLNIR, are a staple of sci-fi. A sci-fi that disguises itself as fantasy needs to have some for the knights! But, there is one thing I don't want to let it ...

science-based warfare armors  
asked by Mephistopheles 11 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What vehicle would be the best one to start a >1000 km travel in a post apocalyptic zombie situation?

In order to define the best vehicle these inputs have to be taken into account: The zombies are the classical ones, "the walking dead" ones are a perfect example (definitely killed only by headshot, ...

science-fiction post-apocalypse zombies travel vehicles  
asked by theGarz 122 votes
answered by Jared K 259 votes

How many people can you feed per square-kilometer of farmland?

Questions about how to feed a large population keep popping up on this website quite frequently. One obvious option is farming. But how many people can you feed per square-kilometer of farmland? ...

science-based food  
asked by Philipp 71 votes
answered by ckersch 54 votes

Would a bear cavalry be feasible?

Over the course of history humanity rode several kinds of animals to war: horses, camels and elephants being the most common. However, bears are not amongst them. So I was wondering, if they could be ...

reality-check warfare fauna domestication  
asked by Thomas Jacobs 148 votes
answered by Mindwin 129 votes

How do I protect my shop from teleporters?

I live in a world where magic is common. Most people have enough magic to do simple tasks like lighting a candle or healing minor injuries. Higher magic is very rare, and those individuals mostly ...

magic teleportation security  
asked by Kys 185 votes
answered by Chris J 157 votes

If magic is real, can it be true that rational scientific thought should exclude it?

"Magic and science coexist." A tired phrase by now, because it's found in so much fiction. But can it make sense? Assume a world broadly parallel to our own. It has experienced its Age of ...

technology magic  
asked by Tristan Klassen 76 votes
answered by Jambo Dude 96 votes

Would a full body diamond armor and sword guarantee survival and victory against a medieval battalion?

As usual I write stuff like any professional fictional writers do, my protagonist worships a deity calling herself "The Expensive One" and she bestowed a flawless full body diamond armor which comes ...

warfare medieval materials  
asked by user6760 64 votes
answered by Erik 176 votes

How would Facebook Sysadmins prevent the summoning of Cthulhu?

So, I've got this idea for a short story. Some researchers find a forgotten manuscript hidden locked away in an ancient tomb. While they are working on it one of them pastes part of the text into a ...

apocalypse computers horror  
asked by Tim B 361 votes
answered by nitro2k01 341 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Are my plate tectonics/land masses realistic?

I'm building a new planet up from scratch, and wanted to get a sanity check on my plate tectonics and land masses. It doesn't have to be 100% realistic, but I'd like it to be plausible to someone who ...

planets geography geology map-making tectonics  
asked by TheyreOnFire 2 votes
answered by L.Dutch - Reinstate Monica 0 votes

In the orthogonal series, when finding the 4-force between two charges would the entire world line of each need to be taken into account?

Four-Velocity is the derivative of four-position with respect to proper time, four-acceleration is the derivative of four-velocity with respect to proper time, and four-force is equal to rest mass ...

physics alternate-reality electromagnetism  
asked by Anders Gustafson 4 votes
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