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Top new questions this week:

Why do goblins never form societies bigger than about 500 members?

The goblins in my world are classical fantasy goblins. They aren't too smart, have primitive technology, live in tribes, and use tamed boars, wolves, and other wild animals. They usually have a boss, ...

society fantasy-races psychology low-fantasy  
asked by TheDyingOfLight 50 votes
answered by GoblinOverlord 31 votes

What do fairies wear and how can they evade detection by our cameras?

Set in the modern day; fairies are tennis ball sized humanoids with wings residing within the dense rainforest throughout the world. Local human populations consider them to be guardians protecting ...

technology fantasy-races modern-age clothing  
asked by user6760 29 votes
answered by Klaus Æ. Mogensen 54 votes

Can a world where everyone has a time machine be consistent?

In a universe everyone has a time machine and can travel both in the past and in the future. At some point, no one knows when, an eternal war to control the time started. The concept of history has ...

asked by Stefano Balzarotti 28 votes
answered by Trish 54 votes

If a portal scroll is cheap and easily available why they are not used when one's life is in peril?

Set in the medieval period, adventurers like to frequent the guild hall to check out the bounty lists, which are updated on a daily basis. Many of the requests on the list requires adventurers to pit ...

magic medieval survival teleportation  
asked by user6760 26 votes
answered by Daron 44 votes

What early middle ages weapons would suit an extremely strong child?

I'm worldbuilding low fantasy with technology level of the early middle ages. Very few of the people could tap into psionic power, which makes them faster and stronger than common people. Average ...

magic weapons medieval-europe low-fantasy  
asked by Wim 25 votes
answered by NixonCranium 45 votes

How might my futuristic interstellar civilisation have missed a Dyson swarm on their doorstep?

It's the future. The setting is about as "hard-ish sci-fi" as it is possible to be, with the one big exception of a viable FTL engine. Humans have began spreading out into the galaxy, colonising ...

science-based science-fiction space dyson-spheres  
asked by MadScientist 22 votes
answered by Keith Morrison 27 votes

Could an army armed with only spear-like weapons be effective?

The superiority of pole arms and spears in particular has become a pretty common meme across multiple online communities, so that got me thinking; what if you had a fighting force in which the only ...

reality-check warfare weapons medieval military  
asked by NixonCranium 16 votes
answered by Thorne 20 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Would intelligent life evolve any other body plan than humanoid?

Disclaimer: This question uses some liberal wording to get key ideas across. It's not meant to be academically rigorous, so please try to focus on the ideas and not the exact definitions of the terms ...

science-based evolution aliens science-fiction  
asked by thanby - reinstate Monica 99 votes
answered by Dewi Morgan 107 votes

What is the minimum human population necessary for a sustainable colony?

How many humans are needed in order to sustain and grow a steady population in a habitable area? Assume resources are adequate and the environment is favorable. To further refine this question, ...

society colonies humans  
asked by Maximillian 132 votes
answered by Nick Wilde 70 votes

Travel time in Medieval times

I have a character who lives on the outskirts of a large empire and he has to travel to the capital. By horseback, how far could my character realistically travel in a day? How far could he travel in ...

time travel  
asked by LadyKnight 12 votes
answered by AlexP 15 votes

Where on Earth is it easiest to survive in the wilderness?

In which wilderness area on modern-day Earth would it be easiest for a lone human to survive year-round? What resources are available there and what tools and skills would be necessary? What is the ...

humans earth survival modern-age  
asked by Monty Wild 46 votes
answered by Michael W. 21 votes

Is there a single historic event which could be changed to cause the USA to use SI units?

I am time traveller with aim to make world better. Last time I went to the past, all I heard was: "Kill Hitler!" So I went to the past and I must tell you, April 1945 was pretty loud in Berlin! ...

reality-check alternate-history time-travel  
asked by Pavel Janicek 216 votes
answered by SRM 458 votes

Why Would Aliens Enslave Humans?

Often in science fiction, we see aliens enslaving humans for one reason or another. This is a trope I'm attempting to repurpose, but before I go any farther, I'd like to ask: what possible motive or ...

reality-check humans aliens slavery  
asked by C. S. Wright 67 votes
answered by BradC 137 votes

How would the world be different if ice was denser than water?

Ice is strange, in that the solid form is less dense than the liquid water it freezes from. This causes Ice to float on top of the water. How would our planet earth be different if something changed ...

science-based water  
asked by Tim B 27 votes
answered by Peter M. - stands for Monica 27 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Lifespan of Plutonians

Honestly, I think my questions about a fictional Pluto are by far the interesting to me, so I have another question. Now that I’ve got my humanoids pinned down, and what protects them from the cold, ...

planets xenobiology life time-keeping  
asked by Daikyu Maryu 1 vote
answered by cyber101 0 votes

Why would two similar power sources in the same promixity cause both to be unstable?

The law ofequivalent exchange states that for anything to be gained, something of equal value must be lost. This is the fundamental rule of alchemy. The philosophers stone is an item that allows ...

magic science  
asked by Incognito 2 votes
answered by Dragongeek 0 votes

Most cost effective way of mining a giant cube tungsten

A cube of pure tungsten, 1000 feet wide on each side, sits flat in the middle of a grassy field on Earth. The owner of the field wishes to sell the tungsten. What is the most cost effective method, ...

asked by Pink Sweetener 3 votes
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