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Top new questions this week:

Could the Soviet Union have hidden the launch of the first satellite?

In the summer of 1957 Soviet leadership was shown a model of the soon-to-be first man-made object in outer space. It was a shiny sphere with thin antennae. The energized chief designer didn't mince ...

reality-check satellites  
asked by Andrey Godyaev Score of 19
answered by Justin Thyme the Second Score of 35

How would an adult artificial human behave after they exit the biofabricator?

If a company or organization that uses a bioprinter or an advanced artificial womb that can grow full organisms using synthetic genomes and cells in a short time created a new species of replicants ...

science-fiction fantasy-races genetic-engineering  
asked by Sabrine Crystal Score of 17
answered by Mon Score of 38

Why would vampires sire vampires of lesser blood than they have to?

Long story short: my story has magical humanoids (known as "immortals" due to their immunity to old age and disease) existing in secret on mostly-modern-day Earth as a 1-in-1000-humans ...

society fantasy-races vampires urban-fantasy secret-society  
asked by Cyrus Drake Score of 16
answered by Demigan Score of 43

Do androids left on their own have any hope of replicating?

The scenario goes something like this: In the not so far future a fully automated exploration vessel crashes on an uninhabited planet not unlike earth. Unlike earth however, this particular planet is ...

robots reproduction  
asked by LiveInAmbeR Score of 13
answered by John O Score of 20

If Earth had a smaller radius, but was rotating at the same speed, would its day be shorter?

I want to make a hypothetical planet that is 26% the mass of earth, with 64% the radius. Because I want a relatively short day to keep temperatures more stable, but I don't want a super fast rotation ...

astrophysics day-night  
asked by Elhammo Score of 8
answered by sphennings Score of 28

What's a reasonable timeframe for civilian survivors to learn how to fly a helicopter on their own?

Post-Apocalyptic modern world, a group of civilian survivors about three dozen in number find themselves trapped in a military base. They have no way out except by air. The military base has a dozen ...

science-based post-apocalypse flight vehicles education  
asked by Mindwin Score of 8
answered by The Square-Cube Law Score of 16

How can civlization industrialize amidst a zombie outbreak?

In my world, there is a zombie pandemic that happens. The zombies are fast, but can be defeated by a large army. My world a little before the outbreak was close to having an Industrial Revolution. ...

technology civilization engineering zombies industrial-age  
asked by Crafter Score of 8
answered by Amadeus Score of 4

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What vehicle would be the best one to start a >1000 km travel in a post apocalyptic zombie situation?

In order to define the best vehicle these inputs have to be taken into account: The zombies are the classical ones, "the walking dead" ones are a perfect example (definitely killed only by headshot, ...

science-fiction post-apocalypse zombies travel vehicles  
asked by theGarz Score of 128
answered by Jared K Score of 274

How do you prove you're from the future?

Let's say a time traveler from the year 2100 comes back to the year 2015. He has a very important message: [horrible thing] is about to happen soon, and he wants to warn us so we can avoid/prevent it....

asked by Mason Wheeler Score of 304
answered by Dan Smolinske Score of 202

Can it ever be safe for individuals to be able to own spaceships?

A spaceship is a very expensive thing to own and maintain. But what's more, this is a spaceship that can sustain high-g burns for long stretches of time, like in The Expanse verse. So this means that ...

science-fiction spaceships governance  
asked by Darth Biomech Score of 37
answered by Nepene Nep Score of 64

How many people are required for a healthy re-population of the Earth (Post-Apocalypse)?

In my particular Earth, much has remained after the human-killing virus, and nature is thriving - even taking over the cities. It's beautiful. But I have separated the healthy populace in orbit ...

science-based apocalypse near-future post-apocalypse genetics  
asked by Mikey Score of 44
answered by Jim2B Score of 29

How can I create a poison that kills a person after a specific amount of time, and is treatable by an antidote?

I did read several great thrillers where main hero is injected with unknown fluid and told, that such fluid is deadly poison unknown to normal medicine and our hero has 48 hours to live. If he wants ...

reality-check medicine  
asked by Pavel Janicek Score of 12
answered by SF. Score of 15

Humans can now run 40 mph. How do I keep the stupid people alive?

Let's assume that humans can now run 40 mph and the human body can handle it. I know and understand that this is not feasible, but let's just play pretend. Naturally people would have all kinds of fun,...

science-based reality-check government  
asked by TrEs-2b Score of 85
answered by Thalantas Score of 19

How would the world be different if ice was denser than water?

Ice is strange, in that the solid form is less dense than the liquid water it freezes from. This causes Ice to float on top of the water. How would our planet earth be different if something changed ...

science-based water  
asked by Tim B Score of 30
answered by Peter M. - stands for Monica Score of 30

Can you answer this question?

Passively redirecting air currents with forest gardening

A group of evil farmers have developed a technique for manipulation of the weather on a large scale whereby the land is altered to effect the temperature of the air above and to act as a trap for ...

environment weather ecology forestry  
asked by ProfessorMoreRight Score of 3
answered by Willk Score of 0
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